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Alcohol content 4,2 % This beer is distinguished by its amber color, an ideal clarity, thick white head and  a hop flavor. The specially prepared composition of malts, which come from the best malt houses, gives the color and delicacy of the flavor. This beer slakes our thirst and gives inimitable impressions. PACKAGE LANGUAGE VERSIONS : ITALIAN, ENGLISH, HUNGARIAN, POLISH NO OF  UNITS / SHRINK BAGS ON PALLET : 800 / 63 Browar_Glubczyce_SPECIAL_PILS_puszka.png

Alcohol content 4,0 % This beer is characterized by a gentle, nice flavor as well as a magnificent clarity and sheen. It is pearling perfectly with a great amount of carbon dioxide bubbles that are going up and form a thick, white and unusual lasting head. It is an ideal beer, which is characterized by a clear, dark gold color with a beautiful sheen that gives a special charm when the beer is being filled into the glass. Its own appearance stimulates the consumer appetite; Its encouraging, mild flavor, which gives the drink an unquestionable mastery, attracts a lot of gourmets who like to slake their thirst by good drink. PACKAGE LANGUAGE VERSIONS : GERMAN, ENGLISH, POLISH NO OF  UNITS / SHRINK BAGS ON PALLET : 800 / 63 Browar_Glubczyce_PILS-EXPORT_puszka_popr.png