150 years of tradition

  It is possible that the traces of Głubczyce brewery can be found as early as in the middle ages. The brewery is a direct descendant of the town brewery founded by the townsmen who had the privilege to brew beer.
  Around 1856 a brewer A. Weberbauer acquired the brewery from the town of Głubczyce and soon made it one of the most important breweries in the region. In 1892 the production level reached 14 000 hectoliters and by 1925 this value was doubled.
  Since 1908 the company, was known as A. Webenbauer G.m.b.H.


  Just before the break out of The Second World War the production lever reached 70 000 hectoliters per annum.  That time company owned already automatic bottle washing line, over 20 trucks and ice production facility. The overall employment reached over 200 people. Pilzner types of lager were the main types of beer produced, and brewery’s flag brand, “Deuthcer Pizlner” was the most popular brand in the entire region of Silesia
  After the war the company was taken over by the Polish Treasury and the production of beer begun in 1946. After 1951 the brewery became a part of the association of Brewing enterprises, operating in the area of the province of Opole. This group consisted of breweries in Głubczyce, Brzeg, Niemodlin, Namysłów, and Racibórz. In 1992 a Treasury owned company was set up. It consisted of the breweries in Głubczyce, Niemodlin, and Brzeg. This company was privatized in 1996, when the majority of shares was bought by the present owner Merkury plc from Krakow.


  Nowadays the Głubczyce brewery is one of the most modern breweries in Poland. 150 years of experience, rich tradition together with the application of the latest technology ensure that our beer, has a genuine soul