Our Company

  The Głubczyce Brewery plc consist of two breweries and two malt houses located in the province of Opole. This region is famous for its long lasting traditions of the brewing industry. In the pre-war period more than 30 breweries and malt houses used to be located here.  Special climatic conditions result in above average yields of the finest quality barley used for malt production, and top quality hop used for the production of beer.
  We never forget about rich, laudable, 150 year old tradition of The Głubczyce Brewery, but it is the presence and the future that matters for us the most. That is why numerous investments concerning quality, work conditions, facilitation of cooperation with our customers have been made over past few years.
  Our hard efforts have been widely recognized and as a result our sales have been increasing systematically on domestic as well as on foreign markets. 
  Our beer can be found not only in Norway, Sweden, Hungary, and Germany, but, most astonishingly, in Czech Republic and Slovakia as well. Czechs are well known brewing masters and the fact that our beer are able to compete successfully  on such demanding market is the best  recommendation for the quality of our products.
  The Głubczyce Brevery is one of few independent breweries owned solely by polish investors. This gives us the flexibility to create very original niche products to meet the needs of the most demanding customers

Our flexibility enables us to provide you with almost any type of beer in a wide range of packaging options.